Saturday, March 14, 2015

Week Five, Bicoastal Project

Week five. Libby sent five photographs of closely cropped type from a sign at a llama farm.

When I first saw them I had a few doubts about how this was going to work as a painting.

I looked a each photo by itself, and this one, with its subtle fold in the sign, ended up being the one.

Only three colors on my palette. I knew since it was a simple an image, the painting had to be about the paint quality and I loaded my brushes for this one.

White Type, photography by Libby Ellis

White Type, painting by Kalen Meyer

Week Four, Bicoastal Project

On week four the photographs came a little late. I had been thinking it was easier to take five photos than it is to paint one, but when Libby was late this week, I realized it's not so simple to take five compelling photographs on demand.

We talked on the phone, she apologized and then soon sent a batch she was calling second rate (or some such distinction). They were great! Some I knew had to stay photographs, but this one jumped out. The rope was so much fun to paint. Libby had called out the hint of blue in the rope, I might have not added it, but realized it was the bridge to the last image.

Rope and 36, painting by Kalen Meyer

Rope and 36, photograph by Libby Ellis

Week Three, Bicoastal Project (We were going to come up with a better name for this!)

Week Three: Libby sent me five photos of buoys hanging on fences and walls. A few had snow visible near the bottom of the frame. 

I knew I was going to use this one as soon as I saw it. There was something odd about seeing objects I associate with summer next to a bank of snow, and I also liked the fence these were hanging on. Libby said she was craving color and so responded to the blue in this image.

Buoys, Painting by Kalen Meyer

Buoys, Photograph by Libby Ellis

Libby said, "I knew you were going to pick this one!" as soon as I sent the image of the painting to her.