Thursday, March 21, 2013

Week 7

Hills at Sunset, acrylic on board, 14"x 11"

This was a from a photo taken from the train along the Columbia River. 

Offering, San Francisco Chinatown, acrylic on board, 8"x 10"

Tacked up to a door on a side street.

Frida, acrylic on board, 8"x 10"

Audacious? Yes, but this was really fun to paint. I used a younger photo of 
Frida Kahlo and then put up her hair as she wore it later in her life.
My best critic (my 14-year-old son) and I agree something is a little off on this one... After I paint a painting, I need to go away from it for a day or so and never know when I come back if I will like it more or less than when I was working on it. This one I liked more and decided to leave it alone rather than tinker and fix it. I could call it Woman from Mexico, and then there wouldn't be an issue with it not looking right. 

Sargent wrote you should never paint your friends, only models, so if it doesn't end up looking like them, you still remain friends.

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