Thursday, February 28, 2013

Week 4

Tennessee Valley Beach, acrylic on board, 14"x 11"

From a photograph taken a few weekends ago. Since I've started this series, I have a new eye for taking photos of landscapes. We arrived at the beach looking out to the ocean and I sat talking with my husband and a friend with our backs to this rock for an hour or so. When I stood up and turned around, I thought "There's the painting!" Landscapes have to have a There there. 

Girl Sewing, 10"x 8"

Portraits! This is a member of our family... my children could not figure out who it was. 
She has a Meyer flavor, though, and I like her gesture.

Flowering Quince, 16"x 20"

The painting I was looking forward to the most this week and the hardest one to paint.
 It's a little stiff.... I may have to repaint it. Again. 
The actual branches have been on our kitchen table for a few weeks with the blossoms 
gradually unfolding, I may be intimidated by its actual beauty. 

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