Monday, April 20, 2015

Bicoastal Project, Week 10

 I confessed to Libby today that every week I can't wait to open the file from her with the five new images, and every week I say to myself, "You've got to be kidding!" when I see them. 

The photographs are always great images, but even though Libby is sending them to me knowing my painting style and sensibility, some seem to me to want to stay photographs.

Then usually one image will become apparent it's the one.

I consider this a spring image along with the last two, I guess they could just as easily be summer images if I didn't know Martha's Vineyard is still thawing.

Loved this composition and relished the thought of painting clothespins (thought it was going to be easy, ha!), but wondered about the color all being so similar. On this painting, I feel as if I took some liberty with the image, blurring the tree texture to make the pins stand out more. I think the shadows are really the painting.

The tie-in to the other images is the rope, of course.

Really looking forward to seeing these all mounted and up with the photographs.

Clothespins, Rope and Tree, Photograph by Libby Ellis

Thought I would add the drawing today.

Often I really like the under drawing of a painting and am tempted to stop or use washes to preserve the pencil line, but when I do, I am never really satisfied.

So the paint goes on and I do my best to make it as good as the drawing. 
Most of the time it works, but not always.

Today it worked.

Clothespins, Rope, Painting by Kalen Meyer, acrylic on canvas, 10" x 10"

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